Importance of Fitness Trackers for Children

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Parents really want to keep their children safe. But, normally, they cannot watch over their child every second of every day. Any kind of ill things could befall the health and welfare of their kid when they are not looking. The child could wander off and get lost or injured or the child could be abducted. Because of their natural inquisitiveness, children tend to wander off into unfamiliar areas. Or they fail to look out for dangers that are lurking around the corner or watching them from a nearby vehicle. The fear that then encompasses their every thought is incalculable and they would pay just about anything for their child to be quickly home safe and sound. Fortunately for parents, GPS is here to make their lives a lot easier.



Companies have now come up with trackers that are aimed at children, so if you want to be able to keep your child safe at all times, using GPS trackers for kids will do the trick. The GPS device technology has improved to the point where they are being made smaller and smaller. There are now GPS equipped cell phones, GPS watches and even GPS in shoes. The cell phones are the ones that are easily lost (or easily removed by an abductor) so it also pays to have a backup just in case. Your child will keep their shoes on (if lost) and if they are abducted, the criminal will not pay the shoes a second notice. Thereby making sure you will be able to get your little one back to you quickly.



Fitness Trackers best designed for kids include: –
Kid Fit: – which is a tracker that is ideal for children between the ages of 5 and 13 years. Unlike the other trackers that track the calorie levels in the body this device aids in tracking sleep. Your kid is given a daily goal of earning 100 points. The points increase as the kid gets active. The good side is that you can customize the goals.
Once the kid completes a given goal, the tracker sends a message that encourages the kid to continue playing. The messages have been shown to play a major role in increasing the confidence of the kids; therefore, the kids become more aggressive and continue playing.
To create variety, the device comes in four colors: black, yellow, hot pink, and aqua. In addition to this it’s also splash proof; therefore, you don’t have to worry when your kid gets in water with it.

Leapfrog: – is the second best which is a wrist-worn device that comes already installed with a pedometer. The device also has its own color screen and buttons. The good side with it is that it’s water resistant; therefore, you don’t have to worry even when your kids go to the water with it.
It has eight virtual pets: cat, dragon, monkey, panda, dog, robot, unicorn, and penguin. Your child needs to feed and use these pets in playing mini-games found in the device.
Some of the mini-games available are: pet salon, catch-the-healthy food, and rhythm-based dance game. Playing the games correctly helps you to earn points that are usually tied to the main game.

Fitness Trackers for children can save thousands of lives each year if parents utilize the technology. If you have a small child, make sure you do!

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