Improving your health and fitness Using Wearables

by TechshopApril 10, 20160 comments
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When it comes to wearables in this case, we will focus on Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers. These devices  need not be just for the young or technologically savvy. In fact, the advances and breakthroughs in consumer and wearable technology could have a positive impact on healthcare and senior care.


On the healthcare side, there are now wearable devices that can help you track heart rate and even blood pressure. Checking these parameters can be as easy as looking at your wrist. There are now devices that can track your sleep patterns, how fast your heart is beating, how far you have walked today and these are just the tip of the iceberg.
In fact, there are many devices that collects data on your movements during the day and when you sleep, analyses the data using an intelligent app running off your smartphone and presents that data in an easy to digest manner to you. This allows you to gain new insights about yourself and can even help you change your habits. After all, that gets measured, gets done. Now you have the ability to get all these parameters measured without much effort on your side.


Here is a nutshell of the reasons why these wearable devices will improve your fitness and healthcare day in day out.

1. You Are Able to Track Your Fitness Performance Every Day!

The first reason that a fitness tracker or smartwatch will improve your fitness, is that you can track your targets way more easy. Throw away any pen and paper! Documenting your goals and records was never easier. And you are more motivated to go out to go to the gym – paperless!

2: They will Motivate You to Go Running More Often than any other Fitness Gadget

Some trackers and smart watches support that your data will be stored in the cloud by syncing your gadget with your mobile phone. There are plenty social communities where – once you have put your data online – you can show and share your new fitness records. Often you even will be honored when you achieve a new fitness goal. And when you see the targets that your mates have already achieved it makes it even more competitive for you. It will motivate you to reach higher and better goals, too. Furthermore, if you leave out your workout it will be recognized by your mates and they will very likely comment that. So just because you don’t want your followers to be disappointed, you will constantly be motivated to do your workouts.

3: Your Activity Tracker Will Notify You When It Is Necessary for You to Increase Your Current Activity

Occasionally you will forget that you have to do your daily workout. Many trackers you can buy are programmed to remind you that you have to reach your goal. Some give you even a little electric shock if you don’t reach your daily fitness target. Now this is a real motivator!

4: Your Activity Gadget Will Even Track Your Sleep!

Fitness tracker can also record your sleep – if you like to. Some fitness bands then use the whole collected data of a specific period and calculate the ideal individual time for you to go to sleep. Imagine your fitness tracker to inform you to go to bed 20 minutes earlier so that you will be able to move approximately 500 steps more at the next day.

5: It Is Possible to Track Your Vital Signs with A Fitness Tracker

Not only for young people it is very good to track important vital signs by wearing the activity tracker. Also for older people with health problems this could be helpful. The collected data might occasionally be accessed by your doctor for his diagnosis. This will help improve the individual’s healthcare with both the doctor’s knowledge and the help of this technology.



Imagine a world where your smartwatch and fitness tracker or even some sort of wearable technology is quietly keeping tabs on different parameters of your health, knowing when you are not sleeping enough, when you ate too much or too little, did not get enough exercise, when your blood oxygenation levels dropped, blood pressure got elevated and more. All these data could be analyzed and both you and your doctor could be alerted if some predefined parameters are crossed. This would allow you to seek medical advice earlier and catch a disease before it can do its damage on you.

As wearable technologies become more commonplace in the world of consumer electronics, they will also make inroads into the medical world. Visit our Store on Wearables Technology to get latest Products on fitness trackers and smartwatches and feel free to comment below about the latest fitness and smartwatch trends!

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