Reason To Get a Fitness Tracker With a Heart Rate Monitor

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Best HR [Heart Rate] Fitness Tracker/Smartbands

A fitness band is the perfect way to monitor your daily physical activity easily and accurately. Although there are plenty of free apps available that you can download on your smartphone and track your activity it would NOT be as useful as a Fitness Band that tracks your daily activity and provide valuable data.

If you are looking for the best fitness tracker that tracks your rate of heart then definitely you’ve come to the right place. Let’s understand first why it’s important to track how fast our heart is beating.

When we engage our bodies in a physical activity like running, swimming, walking, climbing stairs, exercising etc. Our heart pumps at a higher rate than normal. If you are looking to burn calories or fat the best way to do that is by increasing at your rate at short levels. Many fitness trainers know this and encourage their clients to do HIIT (High intensity interval training). The key here is to accelerate your heart beats during a short duration so that your heart pumps at a faster rate than normal resulting in burning fat.

Your heart beat represents how hard your body is exerting itself. The harder we exercise, the faster our heart pumps oxygen to keep feeding our muscles.

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Getting a fitness tracker that tracks your rate of heartbeat is very important for people who are looking for Accurate data in order to achieve the fitness goals. Lets understand first why we need a fitness tracker with heart rate monitor.

The main benefits of the heart rate monitor watch are:

#1: Accuracy.

Using this special watch is much more accurate than any other manual method. All manual methods involve stopping and assessing your pulse. The manual measurement will not tell you what’s your pulse while you are actually running or jogging.

#2: Convenience.

You can set up this device in 30 seconds and then you can forget about it. Any time you look at the watch, you will see your rate. Plus, you can also review later how your heart rate varied during the training or race.

#3: It helps you prevent training too much or too little.

Some athletes train too much and others train too little every day. There is a zone, a degree of training that’s perfect for your body. If you train too far away from this perfect level of training intensity, you’re likely to create imbalances in your body.
For example, if you train too much for a few days, your body will feel tired in the next days because of low glycogen levels. If you you train too little and by monitoring your hear rate you will know when you can push harder.

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#4: Pacing during training or race.

During training, you can better understand how your body responds to different types of terrain.

Fortunately with the help of technology its possible to track your heart rate just by getting an Accurate fitness tracker with heart rate monitor. Not all fitness bands available online can track your heart rate accurately therefore it is important to understand which is the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor.

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