Why Most People Opt For Fitbit Tracker- Here are 5 Reasons why.

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Fitbit- Best Personal Fitness Tracker

Fitbit doesn’t usually call its wristbands as best smart watch. They use to call the Blaze as a “Fitness Watch” and Surge as “super watch”, but the right name is activity trackers. Unlike other fitness trackers, Fitbit doesn’t support multiple applications like a smartwatch, but it offers many of their fitness-measuring features and design aspects. So why exactly do many consumers love smartwatch company, let us have a look.


1. Fitbit has a good market value

Since from the past years, Fitbit sold more products than the rest of the smartwatches available in the market. While the whole market observed a rise in sales around the vacations, only Fitbit viewed another raise in the spring. The Jawbone and Samsung smartwatches market dropped off quickly once, but Fitbit’s gadget sales never came back to their pre-holiday states. In a report, Fitbit says that they sold around 30 million plus gadgets in between September 2015 and March 2017. In 2016 only, it was around 12 million.

2. Customers are particularly looking for Fitbit

Most of the people who opt online purchase will buy Fitbit’s devices from its own website. Around 43% of the total online sales take place on Fitbit.com, a little bit more than Amazon, this accounts for 40% of total sale. The significant number of customers buying straight from Fitbit shows that many customers are looking particularly to get a Fitbit gadget especially watches, instead of researching sites like Amazon and comparing devices from different companies.

3. Fitbit is developed for different users

Fitbit’s action trackers are designed for different functions and are available in affordable price. Fitbit gadgets are targeted totally on fitness while other smartwatches offer features and applications in addition to activity-tracking features. Fitbit’s gadgets cost in between $60 to $250 while the Apple smartwatch price starts from $350 and goes much above the cost of the average customer. fitbit

4. It a compete with the Apple Watch

It is just very few months since the Apple smartwatch actually released, and it could just be too easy for the new wearable technology device to have a considerable impact on Fitbit’s business. Apple has yet to generate any formal numbers or objectives for the Apple smartwatch, and experts are far from specific on predictions of how they anticipate this watch to sell. Furthermore, many are doubtful that either smartwatches or fitness devices will ever be a popular technical gadget.

5. Fitbit is a prominent platform for fitness services

Fitbit has the ability to become the prominent foundation to keep fitness solutions across its own gadgets and others, but it presently gets its earnings from sales of its own fitness gadgets. In its IPO prospectus, the organization recognized that the industry for wearables is competitive and easily changing, observing that the associated fitness gadgets industry has a wide variety of members, such as specific technology companies, like Jawbone, and Garmin and conventional fitness companies, like Under Armour and AdidasArticle Submission, either contend in wearable industry or have declared plans to do so. You can check the fitbit platform Here

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